The People of San Pedro

The People of San Pedro
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Mission Trip July 2016

Hola amigos!

This past week a group of 10 pilgrims traveled to El Salvador to say hello to our friends and offer some help and support.  What did we do you ask?  Well, it's not as much about what WE did, it is more about WE did together.  Nothing would be possible without the continued support from our friends and donors in Cleveland and the incredible work ethic of our friends in El Salvador.  I hate to say it, but they can put us to shame!  

To start, let me say a little something about each of the people who came on this trip.  Each was unique and imperative to our happiness and success:

Tricia:  Your special gift of athleticism, competitiveness and spirituality opened the door for many of us to push ourselves to participate (especially me!).  God is working in you right now and you will be amazed! Thank you for being the person you are!

 John:  You have a special gift of bringing people together, a true leader and fantastic example of how to treat others.  You were the glue that kept us together.  Thank you for being you!

Lynnette: You are my new hero, brave and fearless are you.  You are an example of how to go after your dreams.  Thank you for being Lynnette!

Brianna:  A chip off the old block.  You have many gifts and can be an amazing leader some day.  You impress me with your sense of humor and gift of helping others.  It was a blessing to have you on this trip.  Thank you for being Brianna!

Molly:  You are smart and caring.  You know what it takes to get things done.  You quietly work but leave a lasting impression.  Thank you for all your hard work especially preparing for this trip (Twister and lesson plans).  Thank you for being the person you are!

Laura:  I admit I was not sure you would do well with a trip like this but I was wrong.  You will forever be remembered as the person with the best sense of humor on a mission trip.  Your laugh was so infectious.  I am so glad you came, your level-headedness was much appreciated.  Thanks for your gifts and for being you!

Skippy:  You were the most amazing person on this trip.  Eyes wide opened, you embraced the experience, the culture and most importantly, the people.  A true missionary are you.  Thanks for making everyone so happy and for your great one-liners.  Thanks for coming and for being your authentic self!

Deacon Ed, when the chips were down you stepped up.  A real trooper who gives all that he has.  Your presence and love for the people really made a difference.  Thank you for being you!

Deacon Mark, funny, calm and spiritual, your gifts did not go unnoticed on this trip.  I could not have done this without you.  You are a living example of Christian love, especially for the people of El Salvador. Thank you Mark for being that example!


To learn more about El Salvador mission trips please contact Joyce at

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My Family & Friends
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