The People of San Pedro

The People of San Pedro
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Rita and St. Christopher Mission Trip by: Joyce Colovas

NEW!!  2014 Swing into Action mission trip and 50th Anniversary celebration!  Celebrating 50 years of the Cleveland Diocese living, working and supporting the El Salvador Missions.....come and see.....

With a special dedication to the brand new academy:  
San Padro the Apostle Academy

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adoration bell tower finished

 2013 Swing into Action School Painting Project

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Twinsburg High School Boys Trip to El Salvador - June, 2012

This is a picture of our Twinsburg boys with the people of San Isidro in El Salvador.  This community is very poor and needs a lot of TLC.  When we first arrived in San Isidro to help tear down a half washed away "home", our boys were timid and not very social, but after a few hours the kids in the community grew on them and they began to embrace the kids and their poverty. 

The most important thing one can give to the poor is themselves.  After you bring supplies, food, paint, and toys, you leave lighter. Maybe the poor are happier for that moment, but if you do not spend any time with them, real quality time, then it will be YOU who leaves with less.  When you break down the barriers and love the poor you give yourself a gift and the people you came to serve a gift.  

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Other projects we helped with were: distributing hundreds of soccer equipment to the school in Teotepeque, painted a school inside and outside, and sponsoring a HUGE fiesta in Mizata, where we played tons of games and shared in a community meal which fed over 300 people.

 Sharing a community meal in Mizata

 Lynette and her new friends
 What we looked like after the "Fiesta" 
 Joyce being attacked for some candy!
 The house in San Isidro coming down
 The boys painting the school
 Before look at the school
 After shot of the school painted
 Nick, Jacob and John
 Joyce with Franklin on his birthday - we surprised him with donuts!
Out 2 16 year old boys standing with 2 El Salvadoran 16 year old boys
Site-seeing and shopping in La Libertad

My Family & Friends

My Family & Friends
Jessy, Philipe, Willy, Tony, me & Mark J

The Guys

The Guys